Meteorologists across the country were caught wearing the same color-block dress in a multitude of colors. Fellow female meteorologists explain why.

The Meteorologist Block Dress

An Imgur user noticed the phenomenon and started to take screen grabs of female weather reporters. “This is what happens when you post a link to a $23 dress on Amazon that flatters everyone to a female meteorologist Facebook group,” the Imgur collage is captioned.

Meteorologist Britta Merwin, who doesn’t own the dress, understands why the inexpensive dress is so popular among her colleagues.

“It’s always challenging to find dresses with sleeves, especially in the winter. This one has sleeves and it has the black panels on the side that are appealing for any body type,” Merwin told The CW. “People are tired in the morning, and bright colors give you energy. They also make it more visually interesting. I love anything bright pink, blue or purple.”


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Chita Johnson, another local meteorologist, concurs with Merwin on the reasons why women in their profession flock to similar styles.

“TV people in general are pretty similar,” said Johnson. “They usually like solid colors, nothing distracting. Also, if you’re working on a green screen, nothing green.”

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