If superstar singer Jennifer Lopez, 41, isn't making headlines for her American Idol aplomb or her crumbling marriage to Latin heartthrob Marc Anthony, 42, she's dragging new names into the limelight. Latin soap star William Levy, 30, who has been dubbed "the Cuban Brad Pitt," has been starring in daytime dramas like Triunfo del Amor and Cuidado con el Angel for years, but he is, perhaps, best known for cozying up to J.Lo in her new sensual music video, "I'm Into You."

Levy is now in the middle of a sex scandal, being accused of sexual battery of a minor. According to court papers, the unnamed plaintiff, a 17-year-old personal assistant, had an encounter last year with Levy that involved him "forcing her to perform fellatio upon him and strangling her in the process." She is suing Levy for $2.5 million.

The actor has already responded to the accusations, claiming that the plaintiff had told him she was 19 years old and therefore a legal adult at the time of their encounter, according to the laws of California, where the incident took place. He also claims that the act was completely consensual and that the woman "was at no point, whatsoever, physically restrained," reports Fox News. He pointed out that local authorities investigated the incident almost a year ago and found no probable cause on which to pursue criminal action.

Levy also claims that the plaintiff tried to extort money from him after filing her initial complaint. He allegedly received a letter from the minor threatening that "unless Levy paid [the plaintiff] $950,000 in exchange for a release that the matter would be 'shared' with the Spanish media and that suit would be filed," reports ET.

As far as his rumored relationship with J-Lo goes, Levy is denying that too. After J.Lo's highly publicized breakup and his own separation from his wife just two months ago, Levy had only friendly words for his music video costar. "My thoughts are with Jennifer and Marc during this very hard time. My relationship with Jennifer has been strictly professional. These alleged rumors suggesting something more personal are 100 percent false and inaccurate."

Watch Lopez and Levy dance in the "I'm Into You" music video here: