You're probably already (intimately) familiar with the rugged good looks of The Avengers' and Thor's Chris Hemsworth, 28, as well as The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth, 22, but you might not know that the two smoldering superstars have a blue-eyed older brother, Luke Hemsworth, 31.

Luke might not have made it big yet in the movies, but he's also an actor like his brothers and has been working for ten years, beginning on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, reports Entertainment Weekly, before becoming "disillusioned" with acting and opening up his own timber-flooring business. Now, possibly in light of his brothers' massive success, Luke has decided to go back to acting and has just signed with ROAR Management, the company that handles Chris and Liam, the latter of whom just got engaged to singer Miley Cyrus.

Among other things, Luke and his partner, Samantha Hemsworth (pictured above with Luke) are doting parents to three children, ages 4, 2 and a newborn who is only a few weeks old. Little bro Chris also recently had a daughter, India, with his wife, Elsa Pataky, giving Luke the chance to bestow his own wisdom about fatherhood. "As a parent you go through a whole lot of really tough things," Luke said. "And you kind of want other parents to experience those tough things as payback — especially when it's your brother. You need them to be awake half the night and realize all the complaining that I've done over the years about getting no sleep and having to deal with all the trials and tribulations. I actually try to give him as little advice as possible. Or lead him in the wrong direction — that's a lot of fun too."

As for Luke's opinion about Liam's fiancee, Cyrus? "She's great," he says, calling her "years in maturity above her age …. I think a lot of people don't realize that they are really, really in love. They actually are a perfect match in a lot of ways."

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