Katie Couric married financier John Molner in an intimate ceremony on Saturday, June 21 in The Hamptons.

Katie Couric Marries John Molner

Molner, 51, and Couric, 57, have been dating since 2011, took their relationship public in 2012 and announced their engagement in September 2013. That said, Molner has remained out of the spotlight while Couric began, and ended, her own talk show, Katie, and traded her contract with ABC News for a new position with Yahoo.

While Couric has been hesitant to reveal too much of her relationship to the public, she has said that Molner was well-liked by her parents and she admitted that she loves the fact that he’s from Chicago. Like Couric, Molner has two children from a previous relationship, Allie and Henry, who participated in the wedding ceremony alongside their new stepsiblings Ellie, 22, and Carrie, 18. Molner’s nieces and nephews acted as flower girls and ring bearers.

Who Is John Molner?

Molner is an executive at Brown Brothers Harriman and Co., an investment firm, and acts as head of Mergers & Acquisitions. Brown Brothers Harriman and Co. is a Chicago-based company and, though he hails from Chicago and is a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Molner now lives in New York. According to the company website, Molner joined Brown Brothers Harriman in 1990, and was named a General Partner 11 years later. In addition to overseeing Mergers and Acquisitions, Molner is also a member of the Private Banking Oversight Committee.

Not much else is known about Couric’s slightly younger man, but she did tell Wendy Williams that he was methodical in his wedding planning, saying, “I call him groomzilla. I’m so busy and he’s great. He’s a finance guy and he is methodical and gets things done. I said, ‘Do it! Do your thing!’”

Though the two wanted a small ceremony for the wedding, during her visit to The Wendy Williams Show, Couric announced she was planning on a bigger party in the fall for all of their friends and the couple are thinking of honeymooning in New Zealand in December.

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