Diogo Morgado plays Jesus in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s History Channel miniseries The Bible – but what else do you need to know about him?

Morgado, 33, is a Portuguese actor who has been working since the age of 15. He got his break in 1998 when he became a series regular on Portuguese soap opera Terra Mae in the role of Miguel. While he’s made a name for himself in Portuguese television, he’s also found success as a theater actor. In 2013, Morgado will be exposing his talents to the United States with two other projects in addition to The Bible – independent films Red Butterfly and Born to Race: Fast Track. The former is an urban gang drama, and the latter will star Morgado as a talented drag racer.

Raised a Catholic, Morgado found the process of playing Jesus to be a profound, unique and humbling experience, that will most likely go unmatched throughout the rest of his acting career. When asked at the National Religious Broadcaster Convention how he could play the Son of God, he answered, “You can't. What I had the privilege of playing was simply the words of Christ and taking the journey of the scriptures.”

"Jesus is definitely the most complete and complex figure of mankind; he's just someone who belongs to millions and billions of families all around the world," Morgado told Entertainment Tonight. "Just [given] the chance [to play him], I'm like, 'Okay, I'm going to try to just give an example of my Jesus.”

Currently single, Morgado once dated fellow Portuguese actor Sofia Duarte Silva. He’s also the father of a son by the name of Santiago who was born in September of 2009.

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