Gospel singer Travis Greene, who just received his third Grammy nomination for his gospel album Crossover, cheated death twice in childhood. “I was born stillborn, and the doctors pretty much said I wasn’t breathing. Then my mother and father prayed for me to return to life,” Greene told uInterview in an exclusive video.

When Greene was 4-years-old, he suffered another near fatal event, but was again saved from death. “I fell 4 floors out of a window. Well I fell asleep sitting up there right after we were playing, and I just fell over out the window,” Greene told uInterview. “Doctors came and they they covered me with a white sheet and pronounced me dead on the spot. My mother came and picked up my lifeless body and she just prayed that God would restore my life, and he performed a miracle.”

After he left the hospital, he shared with his mother what had happened as he was falling. “A man with a big hand caught me. I remembered a falling into a hand, and I told her I couldn’t see a face because it was so bright but I could hear a voice that said, ‘Do you want to go home with your mom or come with me?'” Greene shared. “And I looked up and I said, ‘I want my mom.’ And the voice said, ‘Ok, this time you can go home with her, next time you’re coming with me.’ Then I looked up and said, ‘Wait, wait, excuse me sir, what is your name?’ And he says, ‘Son, my name is Jesus.’ Now that happened to me when I was 4-years-old and just time after time I saw his miraculous power working in my life.”

He gives his mother credit for his love of music, and for his desire to go into gospel professionally. Greene’s faith also plays a major role in his music. “I would say it was probably more of the tragedies that I faced that got me into music,” Greene said. “When I was 5-years-old, my father died of an aneurism. He was 28. And music to me was an answer, it was an alternative to whatever the streets had to offer. So at an early age, I never really got involved in violence or with drugs or any of that stuff.”

Greene’s mother also served as a choir director, so the singer says “gospel was the oxygen of our home.”

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