Travis Greene is hitting a high note in the world of Christian music – he was just nominated for a Grammy award for Best Gospel Album for 2018. His album Crossover: Live from Music City has been receiving high praise since its release on Aug. 18.

“If I’m in a hype mood, my song ‘See the Light,'” he told uInterview exclusively of his favorite song. “If I’m in a reflective mood, my current single ‘You Waited.’ It just depends on what mood I’m in, it’s like picking a favorite kid, really tough for me, because I love them all. I birthed them all.”

Greene has become involved in a movement called #EngageCulture, which he describes as helping society in “moving upstream.” “There’s only three responses we can have to culture: we can complain about it, we can conform to it, or we can confront it,” Greene explained. “And I just believe, as a believer of Christ, that it’s my responsibility not to sit back, but to engage with it, to confront issues and get involved, and to help redefine what I believe culture could and should be. Culture is everything. It’s beyond issues. It is the rhythm of our life. Culture is what defines a generation. It is the beat which we live by, it’s the fashion that we embrace, it’s the painting, the arts, the philosophies. So culture it our world. So it’s really about being forerunner and moving upstream in every area. With issues and beyond issues.”

In terms of how one can implement #EngageCulture in his or her life, Greene gave some examples. “Instead of complaining about police injustice, how about we move upstream and become police officers,” he offered. “Instead of complaining about our education system, how about we become teachers. Instead of complaining about politics, how about we run for office. So instead of hoping and wishing for a change, that we become the change that we want to see.”

Specifically, Greene hopes to reach others through his music and to positively influence those around him. “In my genre and in my sphere of influence, being that of Christian music, helping to redefine what worship can be in our churches, that we don’t have to be limited, and even beyond music,” he said. “How we can perform, how we can have state of the art production, how we can dress that we can have swag and be cool and still be a believer. It’s all those nuances that help engage in culture.”

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