Two women are suing a groom and the event company that ran his wedding reception after they allege he flew a drone that hit them in the head at the Brentwood, New Hampshire, event.

Drone Crashes on Wedding Guests

Kneena Ellis, of Seabrook, and Kelly Eaton of Peabody, Massachusetts, claim they they suffered permanent physical and emotional injury as a result of the incident in August.

The women say Barry Billcliff was using the drone to take pictures at his wedding reception at Searles Castle in Windham.

The lawsuit claims the drone collided with the women while they were on the dance floor. The suit says they suffered a concussion.

Billcliff told the Boston Herald he owns the drone, but wasn’t operating it when it crashed. He said he was in the middle of the crowd, behind his wife, near the stage, listening to their friends perform a song written especially for the newlyweds.

“How would anyone think that anything like that would ever happen on their big day?” he said.

Paramedics showed up and the reception came to a halt

Scott Robb II, vice president of Searles Castle, said he never gave Billcliff permission to fly the drone.

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