This week’s episode of Wayward Pins opens on a community of Abbies, peacefully living their lives. A helicopter arrives and starts shooting at them, killing the majority of the community. After doing so the helicopter lands and Pilcher steps out along with the soldiers who work for him.

‘Wayward Pines’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

Kerry and Jason are laying in bed together when Jason suggests they have a baby. Kerry wonders if that would be allowed and Jason assures her that it’s a great idea, especially if they were to have a son. Kerry expresses her general anxiety about not only their relationship but the things going on in Wayward Pines. Again, Jason assures her everything will be fine.

Yedlin is at a bar following his altercation with Xander. Rebecca arrives and tries to explain why she had to marry Xander and that she looked for him. He asks her if they tried to have a baby. As she is about to answer an alarm goes off in the town and the phone rings at the bar. The Abbies are getting closer and closer, burning everything (including the crops) in their path. They have already infiltrated CJ’s camp and are intent to kill as many humans as possible. Adam is able to shoot one away from Theresa.

Back in town the alarm is calling for any able-bodied men to help fight. In the lab, Megan sees the newly captured female Abbie scarily calm as the male prisoners go crazy in their cages.


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Out in the street, Kerry seeing Yedlin walking on the street and asks for his help. She explains they’ve lost contact to the military trucks and that she needs him at the hospital. Rebecca checks in on Xander and sees that he’s getting his guns. She doesn’t want him to get hurt but he doesn’t trust Jason at all and wants to try and mitigate what he can.


Jason is out in the crops with his soldiers fighting with the Abbies. It seems like a pretty even fight, the Abbies are vicious and strong but the humans have guns.

At the hospital, Yedlin is trying to organize his fellow medical professionals in preparation for the injured people that will be coming.

The Abbies have successfully destroyed the entire cornfield as well as the majority of the military. Jason has survived.

The hospital is filing up quickly with civilians as well as soldiers and Yedlin’s plans are not working exactly as he’d like. However, he is still keeping a level head and everyone’s doing their best. There are sadly also many casualties. Theresa is very badly injured and as Yedlin helps her he is yelled at by one of Jason’s men to focus on soldiers first. Adam is also injured but refuses to be treated.

Jason is seen injecting himself with something, seemingly to help his pain as he isn’t injured much at all. Kerry comes in and tries to reassure him after what has happened, he is understandably disappointed. He also wonders why Pilcher hadn’t prepared for this, seeing as they are being overrun and without food. Kerry tries to talk him out of his doubts by questioning his manhood and authority.

With the hospital finally calmed down, Yedlin is heading to his office and runs into Xander. He’s making awkward small-talk, referring to Rebecca as “our wife.” When he gets to his office he finds Rebecca waiting for him and he asks her if she still has feelings for Xander. She denies but he doesn’t believe her.

One of Yedlin’s associates was able to treat Adam and goes to check on him. Adam asks about Theresa and the doctor evades the question leading Adam to assume he died.

Megan and Jason are debriefing with the other leaders and Jason is told by Mario that there are only 20 soldiers able to continue with the fight. CJ shares what he saw and it seems as though the Abbie’s had a strategy. Megan confirms this by sharing how the female in the lab seemed to be the leader. Jason is getting upset because he feels they are speaking about the Abbie’s as intelligent beings, even human. CJ explains that the Abbie’s purposefully destroyed all of the crops and that they essentially only have six weeks to survive if nothing can be salvaged.

At a memorial service for the fallen civilians and soldiers, Jason speaks to the community. He tries to encourage everyone that they will survive and thrive.

Mario and two other officers go to get the gun Xander used during battle. Xander returns it but points out the fact that without him having the gun many more people would be dead. Mario calls Xander out for being holier than thou and reminds him about his criminal past that Pilcher saved him from.

Yedlin meets with Jason to give him an update on the patients and says that they are quickly running out of supplies. So much so that people could soon die of a sinus infection. Another thing that’s faulted by Pilcher’s lack of preparation. CJ comes in to let them know that the Abbie’s have returned to the area by the crops and are getting closer and closer to the gates. Their intelligence is proven again as it seems they knew how to fake a retreat.

Adam is up walking around the hospital looking for Theresa. He finds her room and she is alive but unconscious. He has a flashback to a meeting with Megan while he was working with Pilcher. They both look a lot different, Megan was walking and Adam was the opposite of a nomad.

Rebecca follows Xander down an alley as he’s transporting a box of something to another man. She tells him he’s stupid to be using this time to make money by selling guns or pills. He reveals he was simply giving the man a box of apples. They share a tender moment and it is clear Rebecca wasn’t honest about their relationship.

Back at the hospital Adam’s flashback is continuing. It seems that Theresa was promised to Adam for after the freezing (without her husband) by Pilcher because he always loved her despite her having a family. He apologizes to her again for being the cause of losing her family. She opens her eyes and sees him, recoiling. He leaves the room and her heart stops.

In the lab Megan is examining the female Abbie, starting with an MRI. Yedlin joins her to check her progress. While examining her brain, they see that her brain is larger in certain places than a human’s.

As Yedlin checks on Adam again, he asks if he’d ever seen the Abbies communicate verbally. Adam was not aware that a female Abbie was in the town at all and asks worriedly about a possible mark on her hand.

The episode ends as the Abbies are now able to be heard from inside the walls and the ones in the lab are responding. The numbers outside are growing by the second, and they are getting closer at the same pace.

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