We’re just one episode away from the Bones season finale set to air next week Thursday, July 21st on FOX, and things got very interesting on this past week’s episode aptly titled, “The Jewel in the Crown.”

‘Bones’ Recap Season 11, Episode 21

France was the center of it all on this week’s episode of Bones. In this week’s case, the murder victim is a young French woman who also happens to be the wife of rich royal descendant, Marquis De Chaussin. The plot starts to unfold when Dr. “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Dr. Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) discover a two-carat diamond inside the victim’s corpse. After Agent Aubrey (John Boyd) takes the diamond to the Gemology Society to get more information, he finds out the jewel is from a stolen 18th century bedazzled dagger that once belonged to a Sultan. Agent Aubrey now realizes that the murder victim doubled as a jewel thief and she also had an accomplice who is more than likely the person who killed her.

French Inspector Rousseau arrives on the scene to let the crew know that he can definitely prove the victim’s husband, Marquis De Chaussin is indeed the killer and took his wife’s life after discovering she was stealing his family’s heirlooms. Following Rousseau’s accusations, Agent Aubrey and Dr. Brennan hop on the next flight to France to question Marquis De Chaussin in person. Upon arriving to his lavish French estate, Aubrey and Brennan inform him that his wife has been murdered. The two detectives are taken aback after realizing he has no clue his wife was even missing let alone dead. This could be due to the fact that he was too busy accommodating his 24-year-old American intern, Blake Masters, a graduate student from the University of Virginia.

Things start to get even more interesting once a surveillance camera video reveals that Inspector Rousseau was actually with the murder victim just hours before her death. Now all fingers begin to turn away from Marquis De Chaussin and point toward Rousseau.

In the midst of tracking down the murderer/jewel thief, Agent Aubrey goes back to the Marquis’ estate to question his intern/house sitter Blake Masters. During the interrogation, Masters informs Agent Aubrey that the victim was having an affair with someone who more than likely was her accomplice to the jewel robberies. When things can’t get anymore complicated, Aubrey catches Inspector Rousseau breaking into the Marquis’ mansion where he finds the stolen 18th century bedazzled jagger/murder weapon stashed under the Marquis’ bed. So, it finally appears that the murderer has been caught.

However, neither Marquis De Chaussin or Inspector Rousseau are responsible for the crime. Chadwick Grey, the representative from the Gemology Society who had informed Agent Aubrey earlier about where the diamond found in the victim’s mouth was originally from is the killer! Grey was the one who was having an affair with the victim and eventually killed her out of a jealous rage.

A lot of twists and turns on this week’s episode of Bones. However, a couple of season highlights occurred when Dr. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) had an epiphany that he may eventually walk again after having a series of muscle spasms in his lower body due to his vigorous new physical therapy workout. Also, after fearing that he may be going blind, Agent Booth (David Boreanaz) finds out that he won’t be losing his eye sight and has regained his 20/10 vision. Good stuff! Let’s see what new interesting things unfold on the season finale of Bones next Thursday!

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