Regina King appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and explained “the talk” black families have with their children on police brutality. Earlier in the episode, Kimmel discussed his feelings of white privilege following George Floyd’s death and the nationwide protests that have arisen in response.

“I think in most black homes it’s not just a conversation, it’s an ongoing conversation and it never stops. You get to a place, especially when your children are at an age where they are looked at as adults, and the anger that they have is… it just compounds every time something like this happens,” King began.

King described the conversations she has had and continues to have with her 24-year-old son, Ian Alexander, Jr.

“The conversation shifts every time because you have to find a way to support their feelings and make sure that you’re letting them know that you hear them, that you do mirror the same sentiment, but you don’t want them to do anything that’s gonna put themselves in a situation that they might not come back home, they may not talk to you again,” King said.

The actress described that even driving a car, an action that seems so easy and unproblematic to some, has been a topic of conversation for King and her son. “You have to make them very clear about what they’re supposed to do when they’re out there in the car by themselves and more than likely are going to be pulled over just because you’re a young black man,” she said.

After the interview, Kimmel admitted his ignorance as a white person for not realizing the reality of these routine conversations within African-American households.