Jennifer Aniston surprised a nurse suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19) on Jimmy Kimmel Live to show her support for the health care workers risking their lives.

Aniston appeared on Thursday’s episode through video chat to thank a nurse from St. George Utah, Kimball Fairbanks. The cardiovascular nurse has been furloughed from work and quarantined from her young daughters. She described the disease as feeling like she’d been “hit by a train.”

After a short interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Aniston appeared on video chat.

“I just have to say God bless you, and all of you who are out there doing what you’re doing,” Aniston said. Fairbanks seemed shocked as Aniston continued: “I don’t even know hot to express my gratitude to everything that you guys are doing, and putting your health at rish, and all of that, you’re just phenomenal, phenomenal.”

The Friends actress wasn’t the only surprise. Aniston also presented Fairbanks with a $10,000 gift card courtesy of Postmates, which will also be sending gift cards to the other nurses on her floor at the hospital.

Fairbanks said she will be allowed to return to work and see her children on April 8.

“So the moment you get to see your kids again you’re going to have to go back to work?” Kimmel asked somberly.

“Probably, yeah,” Fairbanks replied.

“We are very, very grateful to what you and all these healthcare workers are doing,” Kimmel said at the end of the interview. “It is so far above and beyond, it really is unbelievable. Thank you so much.”

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