Billie Eilish has proven that at 17 you can have a lot going for you. After her EP, “don’t smile at me,” captured the ears of mainstream media, Eilish has been on a journey of breakout success going from having under 1 million Instagram followers two years ago, to now over 40 million.

She also became the only person born in the 2000’s to get a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with her song “bad guy.” She was also nominated for six Grammy’s including the coveted “Album Of The Year” award for her album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

The album was one of the most successful albums of the last year and propelled Eilish into a superstar.


Her next artistic endeavor was directing the recent music video to her song, “xanny,” which is a slower song where Eilish sings about drugs culture, and how she refuses to join in on it. One lyric even saying, “I can’t afford to love someone, who isn’t dying by mistake.”  Referencing the fact that drug users are definitively doing something that is causing them to die.

In her directorial debut, Billie sported a new look of brunette and a creme colored outfit, while the camera distinctively moved around her face. The video continues to shock when during the chorus, invisible hands present cigarette buds and ash them on Eilish’s face – which could be symbolic of her withstanding pain from the outside world and even the pressures of her peers, and remaining drug free.

The video ends with Billie getting up from the bench she sat the whole duration of the video and invisible mouths are blowing out smoke until it engulfs the whole screen.

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