Tonight marks the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, which fans have many questions about. Will the two leaders on the show go head to head with each other?

Negan, played by Jeffrey Morgan, and Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, are the two leaders of their own separate groups and clearly have major conflicts with each other. Negan is known to be the antagonist of the show — all he seems to do is terrorize the surviving humans left in the post-apocalyptic world. Rick is the hero of the show. Since season one, he has protected and cared for the people within his group.

Rick has threatened to kill Negan multiple times throughout season 7 and as all fans know. when Rick makes a promise he tends to keep it. Rick will triumph once he defeats Negan whether it be in the premiere or in the near future. He will defend his people like he’s done in the past seasons.

Aside from the many reasons Rick has to kill Negan, during the season 7 finale, Negan taunted Rick when he thought Michonne had died, threatening to kill his son, Carl, right in front of him.

In the behind the scenes video, “A Look at Season 8,” fans are given the chance to experience some of the action coming their way as a war brews between the two groups, while still protecting themselves against the dead. “I think fans this year probably want to see Negan get a little bit of his ass kicked,” Negan said. “Do I think it’s going to happen? No, no one’s going to get Negan,” he continued. Later in the video he teased, “Will Negan get his? I don’t know. I’m still sitting here in front of you right now.”

A lot of fans of The Walking Dead TV series have read the The Walking Dead comic series and already have an idea about where the war is headed in terms of Rick and Negan. No spoilers here, but the AMC series does tend to stray away from the comics, so don’t believe everything you read. It may not be portrayed the same way on TV.

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