Season seven of The Walking Dead ended with a battle, but the war has yet to come in season eight.


All of Rick’s plans to join forces with various groups seems to have backfired, as Eugene and the Junkyard crew both have united with Negan. The episode sees Dwight tell Rick and Daryl that Negan and the Saviors will be coming in 2 days and they need to prepare. They cut down trees as road blocks and have already wired the area with explosives.

As they are prepping for battle, Eugene shows up and wants to chat. Rick says he wants to talk to Negan, but Eugene replies, “I am Negan.” Upset by this news, Rick signals for Rosita to hit the explosives, but to his dismay they don’t go off. The Junkyard gang has apparently made ties with the saviors as well, and soon Rick’s group is surrounded.

Before this all goes down, Negan tries to convince Sasha, whom he has imprisoned, to be his source inside Rick’s group. He will deliver her in a coffin in exchange for a few of Rick’s group lives, but he will not actually kill Sasha as a rouse. Sasha clearly has other plans, and she takes the poison Eugene slipped her last episode.

Now, having been betrayed and surrounded, Rick hears Negan’s list of demands – he wants all the guns, Daryl back as prisoner, Rick’s pool table, and to kill one of them with Lucille. As part of his plan, he then reveals Sasha isn’t dead and doesn’t need to die. Unbeknownst to him, however, when he opens Sasha’s casket, she is a walker.

The utter confusion and scare this causes allows Carl to shoot his Junkyard captor and a huge battle ensues. Michonne falls off a roof and is badly injured. Rick is pitted against Junkyard leader Jadis. After a while though, Rick’s group is completely cornered and outnumbered. Carl and Rick end up on their knees in front of Negan, who is angry and promises to kill Carl and curt off Rick’s hands. But just in time, Ezekiel’s tiger shows up and mauls a savior just behind Negan.

Prior to the Savior/Rick/Junkyard meet up, Maggie, Jesus, and Ezekiel all decide to form an alliance with Rick and his Alexandria gang. The Hilltop and Kingdom finally arrive and another, more even, battle ensues. In less than typical Walking Dead fashion, no major characters die. Negan gets away in an army van, and flips off his enemies as he drives off. Back at his camp, Negan, suspicious, asks Eugene how Sasha could have died, and Eugene shrugs it off blaming suffocation. Negan leans over the balcony where a group of guys are waiting, and yells, “We’re going to war boys!” and is met with cheers.

On the other side of things, Rick thanks Maggie for her help. She goes into an elaborate and emotional speech, in which she says she knew she had to help Rick because Glenn made the same decision in the past (in episode 1). She says they are family and are in this together.

With the Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria all working together finally, we can be sure that season eight will have many epic battles in store.

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