Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd and Chris Jamison were voted into the Top 3 finals, and eliminated contestants sung for a chance to win the first Voice Wildcard on Tuesday night’s The Voice.

Top 3 Announced

After the Top 5 performed twice Monday night, Carson Daly kicked off the show with the results, revealing that Taylor John Williams of Team Gwen and Damien of Team Adam had both been eliminated. Matt, Craig and Chris are the top 3, meaning that only Team Adam and Team Blake will be represented in the finals. Unless…

Voice Wildcard

After the Top 3 were announced, Carson moved straight into the first ever Voice Wildcard performances. The final slot in the finals will go to one of the previously eliminated top 12 artists. Each artist will take the stage one last time in an effort to win over America’s votes. Voting closed at 3 a.m. E.S.T. and Carson announced the winner of the Voice Wildcard Wednesday morning on the Today show.

Team Blake

First to perform for a chance to be in the Voice finale was Team Blake’s Reagan James, who performed “Put Your Records On.” The coaches seemed happy to see her return to the Voice stage. “That was magical…I hope when you make your album, you pick melodies like that because it fits so nice with your voice,” Pharrell Williams told her.

Jessie Pitts, one of Blake’s personal favorites, performed “Zombie.” Gwen Stefani gushed over Jessie, calling her “an angel.” Coach Blake Shelton revealed that Taylor Swift had told Jessie that she was her favorite voice in the competition, and, once again, spoke about how “important [Jessie] is to music.”

Team Gwen

Ryan Sill returned, singing “Marry Me.” The young heartthrob sang directly to a girl in the audience, prompting Adam Levine to say, “I’m pretty sure she’ll marry you if you want. She’s like, ‘Yes I will, Ryan Sill.’” Blake’s response: “I think she may be pregnant, actually.”

Anita Antoinette brought her signature charisma to John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World to Change.” Anita certainly got the crowd going, and the coaches were clearly pleased to see her again. “That was crazy, crazy! Your best! By far, your best,” Adam declared. “She didn’t take this opportunity for herself, she took it to lift, to give a message to the world, because she chose this lyric,” Gwen said. Pharrell nodded in agreement.

Taylor John Williams gave a moving performance of “Wicked Game.” It was definitely a better performance, vocally, than his two from Monday night, and gave him a chance to show off how he can wail out those high notes. “You have a way of just putting all your ideas into motion, and from an artist’s point of view, I respect that,” Blake said. “You really are an artist…I cannot wait to see what you make for your album, seriously,” Pharrell added.

Team Adam

Damien finally dipped a bit into his soulful side with a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” Damien was able to make the song his own by singing in a lower register and adding a bit of bounce into the ballad. “If you guys don’t think that this guy doesn’t deserve to be the forth slot in the finale, you guys are insane,” Adam pitched.

Team Pharrell

Sugar Joans returned with “Back to Black,” a smart song choice that showed off her bluesy, soul side and her range. Sugar’s performance was certainly a winner, earning her a standing ovation from the judges. “Sugar, we missed you! When you’re singing, it’s like, that’s all you should be doing with your life because it’s so natural… You sung that perfectly beautiful,” Gwen said. “Sugar, you just made that so hard for everybody else…that was so good,” Blake added.

Luke Wade came back with “Have a Little Faith in Me.” The soulful and spot on performance was a return to the Luke Wade of the early competition – even Adam noted, “Luke Wade found Luke Wade again and all of a sudden, it all came back!”

DaNica Shirey took on yet another diva, singing Mariah Carey’s “Without You.” As always, DaNica gave a pitch-perfect performance that had Pharrell standing up out of his seat. “Did you hear that sound?” Pharrell said, directing the crowd in a loving, and loud, round of applause.

Damien Wins Voice Wildcard

On Wednesday morning, The Voice top 3 finalists Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd all appeared on Today with Carson Daly, and Damien was revealed as the winner of the first Voice Wildcard.

The Top 4, Matt McAndrew, Damien, Chris Jamison and Craig Wayne Boyd, will compete in The Voice finals on Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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