If Prince Harry, 26, is under a lot of pressure with the intense military training he's about to embark upon, he wasn't showing it on Saturday night, when he hit a Croatian nightclub and mixed it up both on the dance floor … and in the pool?

The British royal really let his hair down, downing shots of tequila and dancing barefoot, throwing in some robot-like moves to the thumping music before half-diving / half-falling into a pool in the middle of the room. UK's Daily Mail reports that his night out ended well, too. He left the bar with a couple of beautiful female models in their 20s — one on each arm. "At first nobody knew who he was," one fellow partier said. "He kept on going up to tables of girls and standing there, trying to talk with them." Once people started to catch on, he got a little more attention.

Harry, who just ended his summer-long romance with model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, 25, was kicking back while on a well-deserved break from his Apache helicopter training, where he is learning to fly the highly advanced armored aircraft for the British Royal Air Force. From his training in Suffolk, Harry will transfer to California and Arizona in October, where he will be taking courses and working alongside U.S. "top guns" for two months. Maybe he'll find it in him to let loose a time or two while in the states, too.

Watch Prince Harry bust a move here:

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