Bath salts, the synthetic hallucinogenic that’s made quite a few headlines in recent years, has become the topic of a Public Service Announcement put out by the Navy.

The Navy has been steadily campaigning against synthetic drug use due to the difficulty in their detection, and their harmful psychological effects, according to ABC News.

A dramatization of a young sailor opens the PSA. He snorts a white crystalized powder, and then vomits before meeting up with his girlfriend at a bowling alley. Through his eyes, we see him throw a punch at her as she transforms into a demonic caricature of herself. The sailor then collapses on the floor of his friend’s apartment, seconds after he too takes on a villainous appearance. He’s then rushed to the hospital where it can be assumed he dies from a bath salt overdose.

The disturbing dramatization is followed up by the educated testimonial of Lt. George Loeffler, a Psychiatry Resident at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. He describes the drug’s appearance, its methods of ingestion, and then, of course, its deleterious effects on the mind.

“Not only will they [bath salts] jack up your family and your career,” says Loeffler, “They will jack up your mind and body too.”

The Navy’s PSA is a clear indication that the Navy is determined to curb experimentation by military personal with bath salts, and eager to implement more sophisticated drug tests to stop those who will try them despite their warnings.

Watch the Navy's PSA below:

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