There are definite similarities between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj: Both are females in a largely male-dominated industry, both have an affinity for outrageous fashion choices and both are critically acclaimed MCs. But these rappers couldn’t be at more different points in their careers. While Minaj, 26, has been featured on some of the most popular hip-hop tracks of the last year, and has a debut album Pink Friday currently number 4 on the Billboard charts after 12 weeks in release, Lil' Kim, 35, the self-appointed "Queen Bee" of hip-hop, has not released new music in years.

Until now. Yes, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned feud played out publicly on the radio and across music blogs to help boost digital downloads. Earlier this week, Kim released the music video for her mixtape cut “Black Friday,” a song that includes numerous digs at Minaj. In the video, a Minaj lookalike dances around with overdone hair and makeup, while Kim insinuates she stole her style, spitting insult after insult in her direction. “I'm the blueprint; you ain't nothing brand new/ Check your posters and videos/You'll always be number two,” she raps.

For those who have followed Kim’s career, “Black Friday” is not her first public beef with a fellow musician. “Kim has had long-standing beef with other artists, most notably Foxy Brown, with whom she never reconciled,” Steven Horowitz, Associate Editor of YRB Magazine told “She knows how to hold a grudge.” Minaj has yet to retaliate, but considering "Pink Friday" has already gone platinum, many feel there's no need. —EMILY EXTON

See Kim's video here:

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