An unlikely group of celebrities have recently found themselves mixed up in a political rivalry with Fox News. Beloved Muppets Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy held a press conference in London last week to defend their recent movie, The Muppets, from accusations levied by Fox's Eric Bolling that it advanced "a dangerous liberal agenda" and "anti-corporate message" that brainwashed kids.

The film was largely targeted for its villainous character, a successful oil magnate named Tex Richman and played by American Beauty's Chris Cooper. "Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil? That's not new," Bolling said back in December, according to Ace Showbiz.

Though director James Bobin already defended the beloved Muppets as "not communist," assuring that the Richman character was "not an allegory for capitalism in any way," the Muppets felt the need to speak out on their own behalf. "They were concerned about us having some prejudice against oil companies," Kermit pointed out at the conference during his promotion for the film's U.K. premiere on February 10. "That, I can tell you, is categorically not true. Besides, if we had a problem with oil companies, why would we have spent the entire film driving around in a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce?"

Miss Piggy, always more of a firecracker than her levelheaded counterpart, had a more biting defense. "It's almost as laughable as accusing Fox News of — you know — being news."

Watch the press conference here:

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    I am loving this!

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    Absolutely hilarious. You tell 'em, Miss Piggy!

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