She may have Oscar nominations under her belt, but Julianne Moore's acting talents are about to be put to the test. HBO Films announced on Wednesday that the outspoken democrat will play Sarah Palin in the upcoming Game Change, a film adaptation of the bestselling book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

The movie will go behind the scenes of the 2008 presidential election, in which Palin stirred things up when she stepped into the race as John McCain's running mate. The book is a ruthless expose that reveals the often ignoble motives of the major players involved, including Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, and John Edwards.

Moore, who has played everything from British to Bostonian, should have no trouble adopting Palin's Alaskan accent, but can her performance withstand the inevitable comparisons to Tina Fey's lauded SNL Palin impression?

So far Moore is the first actor to be cast in Game Chance, the release date of which is not yet determined. —KIMBERLY STEELE

Watch here to see Tina Fey spoof Sarah Palin:

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