Musician Joel Taylor recently released his latest single “Moment’s Notice,” just months after releasing his “Give Myself Away” music video, which was directed by friend Courteney Cox.

Taylor revealed that the song was inspired by his move from Australia to the U.S. “It’s kind of a song about moving to the U.S., really moving to L.A. the week I finished high school and was kind of about starting again and starting from scratch and kind of shedding your skin to me. You know like a kind of rebirth sorta thing, a clean slate,” he said. 

Taylor left his hometown of Australia at the age of 18 to seek out his dream of becoming a solo artist in L.A. In 2017, Taylor debuted his double single “Two Sides,” which featured a blend of American soul music with modern elements, and put him on the map as a new face in the music world. In February, Taylor released his single “Give Myself Away,” which is a mixture of pop and soul, and a few months followed it up with a music video, which was directed by Cox.

Cox and Taylor became friends after meeting at a barbecue. “She’s always been a fan of my music which is great and she loves music, she plays piano too and she loves kind of the same sort of stuff that I love and we just became really good friends,” Taylor told uInterview. “She came to one of my live shows and I played ‘Give Myself Away,’ and she was like I love that song can I direct the music video and I was like, ‘um yeah.’ ”


For the Cox-directed music video, Taylor had to strip down on the L.A. streets. “We had a good little crew it was only about four or five of us you know walking up and down the street but there was a good three or four hours where I was just walking up and down Sunset Boulevard in my underpants,” he recalled. “It was a really fun shoot but It definitely was some strange moments because I think I was probably on the sidewalk in underpants for four or five hours.”

Taylor is currently putting the final touches on his EP, expected to come out on January 11, which will be followed by an album in the spring and touring. 

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