American Idol certainly knows how to toy with people's emotions. Despite getting praised by the judges for his unique take on “Heard It Through the Grapevine” on Wednesday night, Idol hopeful Casey Abrams found himself on the bottom during Thursday’s results show. After he had been eliminated by the audience vote, host Ryan Seacrest advised him to “sing for his life,” in the hopes that the judges would use their save on the curly haired 20-year-old. As Abrams stepped into the spotlight preparing to give it one last try, Randy Jackson quickly shut the music down, explaining he and the others already knew what Abrams was all about. “Yeah, this is crazy wrong,” Steven Tyler chimed in. “We made a decision here to keep you on.” Abrams, who has been hospitalized twice this season, fell to the floor in shock, muttering "are you kidding?" over and over to the judges.

Because of the judges' decision, Seacrest informed the contestants and the audience that there will be two eliminations next week. The potential hopefuls next take the stage on Wednesday. —EMILY EXTON

Watch Casey Abrams’ reaction to the judges’ decision below:

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