In Under the Dome’s newest episode, “Let the Games Begin,” Big Jim (Dean Norris) took a step closer to becoming a serial killer and Junior (Alexander Koch) was revealed as the fourth hand needed to unlock the mini-dome.

Big Jim and Barbie (Mike Vogel) are up early: they’ve got Maxine (Natalie Zea)on their backs, leading them to form a temporary alliance. If they can find her ‘insurance policy’ then they can be free from her clutches without fearing all their secrets will come to light. Big Jim and Barbie agree to begin with Maxine’s real estate company (her one legitimate business) to try to figure out where Max has been hiding this whole time. They get into her business files in the city records and find that she owns a secluded home located on an island in the middle of one of Chester’s Mill’s lakes. Big Jim goes off to investigate the property while Barbie is dragged to an underground fighting and black market club Max has set up in the cement factory. She wants Barbie to fight, or she’ll tell Julia that he killed her husband.

Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) is busy with Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) as the two team-up to try to find out what exactly Duke and the Reverend were doing with the propane and drugs coming into Chester’s Mill. Linda finds a key to a safety deposit box hidden inside Duke’s cowboy hat and the two set off for the bank. The bank is abandoned – paper money has lost all value – and the two women easily break into the safety deposit boxes in the back. Linda finds Duke’s box, which contains a confession letter that names Big Jim as one of his fellow conspirators. Meanwhile, Julia checks her husband’s safety deposit box and finds a very valuable life insurance policy. Did Peter leave, or was he planning something much more sinister?

Later, at home, Barbie is ready to confess to Julia. He doesn’t want to be controlled by Max anymore. But, he doesn’t have to – after finding the life insurance policy, Julia searched the house and found out that Peter’s gun was missing.

She shows Barbie the insurance policy and tells him that Peter obviously wanted Barbie to kill him so that Julia would be taken care of (suicide would void the policy). Barbie is hesitant to accept Julia’s calm manner, and agrees when she says that, going forward, there can be no more secrets between them.

Big Jim went to Max’s safe house on the island and was met with Agatha (Mare Winningham), her mother who, as it turns out, went to high school with Big Jim. Agatha laments about how she was forced to drop out of high school after getting pregnant with Max at 16 – all while pointing a gun at Big Jim. Big Jim wrestles the gun from her and decides to take her as a hostage. He ties her up, puts her in his boat and takes off across the lake towards Chester’s Mill. Agatha struggles on the boat and falls into the lake. Her hands are tied, she cannot swim, and she begs Big Jim to help her, but, after thinking about it for a moment, Big Jim lets her drown.

Big Jim returns home only to find more trouble waiting at his front door. It’s Sheriff Linda, and she tells him that he needs to report to her first thing in the morning, or else she’ll come back with her handcuffs at the ready. They are going to have a talk.

Meanwhile, Angie (Britt Robertson), Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) are busy investigating the mini-dome that mysteriously found its way into Joe and Angie’s barn. They need to find out who the fourth handprint on the mini-dome belongs to, but they haven’t heard of anyone else having seizures like theirs. They quickly realize they cannot simply line people up and test them out when Dodee (Jolene Purdy) receives a huge electrical shock and passes out after touching the mini-dome.

The trio brings Dodee to the clinic where the nurse tells them that Junior once had a seizure when he and Angie were in high school. Angie is less than thrilled at the thought of teaming up with her kidnapper, and ends up spilling the beans to Joe and Norrie. Joe wants to kill Junior, but Norrie convinces him that they have to work with Junior if they want to see what the mini-dome does. They get Junior and the four of them do, in fact, trigger the mini-dome.

When they all put their hands to the mini-dome, the pink stars on the egg inside suddenly project all around them, forming constellations.

Next week’s all new episode of Under the Dome, “Speak Of The Devil,” airs Monday at 10 P.M. on CBS.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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