Breaking Bad’s series finale was one of the most highly anticipated – and also the most critically successful – show endings in recent memory. An alternate ending to the high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin Walter White’s story has recently surfaced on the Internet.

'Breaking Bad's Leaked Gag Ending

The ending isn’t a fanmade video, but rather a leaked extra included in the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD box set. Sony Pictures has been waging a war against the leaked clips, which has left most versions of it stripped from the Web.

'Malcolm In The Middle' Meets 'Breaking Bad'

In the re-imagined ending, Walter White is no more that a nightmare-induced alter ego of Bryan Cranston’s character Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, on which he starred from 2000 to 2006. He wakes up to tell his wife Louis (Jane Kaczmarek) that he’d dreamt he was a bald meth cook with a hot blond for a wife, according to USA Today. “I made bombs, and poison and I killed people!” he cries.

Hank Schdrader played by Dean Norris is described by Hal as “look [ing] like the guy from The Shield," while Aaron Paul’s Jesse is dubbed “a little guy, a waif, a man-child, a kid who always looked like he was wearing his older brother’s clothes.” Before he goes back to bed he says, “Good night, Skyler,” and turns off the lights. A black porkpie hat ominously rests on a chair in the bedroom as the well-produced gag comes to a close.

The Breaking Bad box set, which will include the “it was all a dream” finale alternate, will be available for purchase Nov. 26. It can also currently be viewed on Buzzfeed here.

– Chelsea Regan

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