Troy Beckwith, who played Michael Martin on Australian soap Neighbours between 1991 and 1998, went missing on Wednesday.


The former actor was last seen in Cranbourne on Wednesday. He was home in the early hours of the morning, but when his partner returned at 11 a.m., Beckwith, 41, was gone. He had driven off in his white 1999 Ford Falcon (registration 1AJ5CQ).

Cranbourne police believe Beckwith may be moving between hotels in Melbourne to remain undetected. “He’s got his mobile phone, his personal belongings,” Sen-Constable Kristen Hill told the Daily Telegraph. “He contacted his partner saying an appointment had been canceled and that was the last time she heard from him.”

Beckwith’s family is especially concerned because he has an undisclosed medical condition. He was last seen wearing red shoes, a black jacket and blue jeans.

In addition to Neighbours, Beckwith also starred in children’s show Pugwall as Jeremy “Bazza” Baslington.

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