Tony Mendez, aka ‘Dave’s Cue Card Boy’ from The Late Show With David Letterman, was fired after assaulting show writer Bill Scheft.

David Letterman Cue Card Guy Fired

Mendez has worked as David Letterman’s cue card guy for over two decades and was frequently featured on the show. A fan-favorite, Mendez even had his own web series, where he would take fans behind the scenes of The Late Show, called “The Tony Mendez Show.”

Speaking out after being let go from the late night show, Mendez says that it wasn’t always fun and games off screen. In fact, Mendez frequently fought with Scheft, saying, “Bill is always undermining me – making himself out as Dave’s No. 1, trying to pretend that I wasn’t even in the room…little passive-aggressive things.”

Tony Mendez Roughed Up Writer Bill Scheft

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, Mendez claims Scheft provoked him during a rehearsal, causing Mendez to snap at him.

“Tony, your sour disposition isn’t helping,” Letterman allegedly said, to which Mendez responded, “You’re the one who has the sour disposition, mother—ker.”

Mendez says he left the studio, but when he returned the next day, he was still angry with Scheft and grabbed him, pinning him against a wall. “I just grabbed him by the shirt. He was very surprised. He didn’t say a word,” Mendez recalled in an interview with the NY Post.

Mendez expressed some remorse for his violent actions, but also defended himself, saying, “I never hit him. I just grabbed him and got my face in his face.”

Mendez was terminated on Monday, Oct. 13, and sources say Mendez was offered a severance package that includes salary and health insurance until Letterman retires from The Late Show in May.

Despite the dramatic end to Mendez’s time on The Late Show, Mendez says he holds no ill will towards Letterman. On the contrary, Mendez called Letterman “the most generous boss I have ever had.”

“They have [Dave] a little isolated from everything. And he sometimes doesn’t want to hear it. The people who look down on us are the producers – people who are getting the big bucks and are in positions of power,” Mendez said.

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