Jim Gaffigan was born James Christopher Gaffigan on July 7, 1966 (Jim Gaffigan age: 54) in Chesterton, Indiana to parents Marcia Mitchell and Michael Gaffigan. Gaffigan has five older siblings.


Gaffigan attended Purdue University for his freshman year of college and later transferred to Georgetown University to complete his bachelor’s degree in finance. Gaffigan was a football player and competed in Division 1 athletics during his time in college. After graduating in 1988, he worked as a litigation consultant and also held a job in advertising before moving onto acting.


Gaffigan took night classes in acting while working in New York City. Gaffigan took an immediate liking to comedy after participating in a standup comedy seminar and began to do sets at local comedy clubs in the evening. Right at the time that Gaffigan was getting into it, the comedy business was beginning to slow down.

“There were tons of people going into it,” Gafffigan told Punchline magazine in 2005. “It wasn’t the quick an easy money thing of the 80s. It was right when people could see comedy on cable and they’d say, ‘Well, I can just see it on TV.'” Gaffigan then branched out and started auditioning for commercials, which he quickly found success with. However, he knew that his main focus was comedy.


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After landing a spot on The Late Show with David Letterman and delivering a successful routine on television, Gaffigan was given the opportunity to develop his own sitcom with David Letterman called Welcome to New York. However, due to low viewership, the show went off air. Gaffigan returned to doing commercials and television work, and ended up appearing on a number of high-profile shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims UnitThe Ellen Show, That ’70s Show, and more. He also began to land more and more movie roles and acted in Super Troopers (2001) and 13 Going on 30 (2004), among many other projects. From 2006 to 2009, Gaffigan played Andy Franklin on the sitcom My Boys. Gaffigan also wrote and produced his own sitcom The Jim Gaffigan Show, which ran for a total of two seasons.

Gaffigan is known for being a clean comic as well as for his “inner voice” commentary during his routines. In 2012, Gaffigan filmed his first comedy special Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe. Since then, he has been nominated for a total of five Grammy awards for Best Comedy Album for his works Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe (2013), Obsessed (2015), Cinco (2018), Noble Ape (2019), and Quality Time (2020).


Gaffigan played the lead role of Frank Hansen in Being Frank (2018), a comedy directed by Miranda Bailey. The film follows the story of a father who is found out to have been living a second life in another town, with another family.

Gaffigan was drawn to the script because it was “grounded” and made use of situation-based humor. The most difficult part of playing Frank, he told uInterview, was avoiding playing a cliché. He noted that Frank is a flawed character who gets “called out” during the film and that Gaffigan had to go against his instinct to defend himself and his character. Despite the difficulty, Gaffigan enjoyed the role. “It’s so fun to play flawed,” he said. “Particularly when you’re perfect in real life,” he added jokingly.

He noted that there has been a recent return of the genre of “comedy drama of heart” and hoped that his film would be a part of the recent progression towards “an era for everyone” to enjoy.


Gaffigan stars alongside Atoine Olivier Pilon and Stephen McHattie in the 2020 crime film Most Wanted, based on the true story of former drug addict Alain Olivier, who was used as spy by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The movie was released under the title Target Number One in Canada. Gaffigan plays Glen Picker, a drug dealer who sets up Leger (based on Olivier) to scam the police. In an exclusive talk with uInterview, Gaffigan discussed several thoughts he had about the film and his character.

“We’re in this age where we’re really looking at abuse of power,” Gaffigan commented when asked about what he thought about the drug war and the events that unfold in Most Wanted. Gaffigan noted that people are led by a number of motivating factors that end up causing them to make disastrous mistakes, including “human ignorance, idiocy, and ego.”

“Really, the only truly corrupt person in this movie is my character, who with knowledge is doing the wrong thing over and over again… All it takes is one person, my character, to ruin a bunch of people’s lives,” Gaffigan mused.


Gaffigan married Jeannie Gaffigan in 2003. The couple has six children: Jack GaffiganMarre GaffiganKatie Louise GaffiganPatrick Gaffigan and Michael Gaffigan.


Who is Jim Gaffigan’s wife? Gaffigan is married to Jeannie Gaffigan.

What is Jim Gaffigan’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gaffigan has a net worth of $30 million.

Does Jim Gaffigan have children? Gaffigan has six children: Jack Gaffigan, Marre Gaffigan, Katie Louise Gaffigan, Patrick Gaffigan and Michael Gaffigan.


Year Title Role
1997 Reflections of a Sensitive Man Eddie
1997 Fool’s Paradise Chester
1998 Soul Man (TV Series)

–       Raising Heck

1998 Late Night with Conan O’Brien (TV Series)

–       David Hasselhoff/Molly Shannon/Morcheeba

Man on street – Seinfeld finale sketch (uncredited)
1998 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (TV Series)

–       Old Man

Jim (voice)
1998 The Real Howard Spitz Storekeeper
1998 Conrad Bloom (TV Series)

–       How Florrie Got Her Groove Back

1998 From a High Place Eph Williams
1999 LateLine (TV Series)

–       Pearce on Conan

The Del-Ex Kid
1999 Personals Waiter
1999 Entropy Bucky
1999 Not Afraid to Say… Larry
1999 Wirey Spindell Announcer #2
1999 Kimberly Jim at the Ad Agency
1999 Three Kings Cuts Troy’s Cuff Soldier
1999 Random Play (TV Series)

–       Episode #1.2

–       Pilot

–       Episode #1.4

1999 Puppet Mr. Kamen
2000 Third Watch (TV Series)

–       Journey to the Himalayas

2000 CryBaby Lane Dan
2000 Sidesplitters: The Burt & Dick Story (Short) The Narrator
2000 Little Pieces Officer Rodriguez
2000 Killing Cinderella Patrick
2000 Endsville Ivy Vaughn
2000-2001 Welcome to New York (TV Series) (13 episodes) Jim Gaffigan
2001 Super Troopers Larry Johnson
2001 30 Years to Life Russell
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)

–       Countdown

Oliver Tunney
2001 Final Dayton
2001 Sex and the City (TV Series)

–       Defining Moments

2002 Hacks Arty Hittle
2002 No Sleep ‘til Madison Owen
2002 Igby Goes Down Hilton Manager
2001-2002 The Ellen Show (TV Series) (18 episodes) Rusty Carnouk
2003 The Paper Mache Case (Short) Barry
2003 Season of Youth Dr. Gelding
2003 Hope & Faith (TV Series)

–       Anger Management

2003-2004 Ed (TV Series)

–       Best Wishes

–       Back in the Saddle

–       Business as Usual

–       Partners

Tony Gibbons
2004 Bad Apple Butters
2003-2004 That ‘70s Show (TV Series)

–       Won’t Get Fooled Again

–       A Legal Matter

–       I’m a Boy

–       We’re Not Gonna Take It

–       You Shook Me

–       No Quarter

–       Hey Hey What Can I Do

Roy Keene
2004 13 Going on 30 Chris Grandy
2004 Strip Search Reverend Craig Peterson
2004 Duane Incarnate Bob
2004 The Jury (TV Series)

–       Mail Order Mystery

Mr. Nifco
2004 Channel Surfing (voice)
2005 The Great New Wonderful Sandie
2005 Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker (TV Series)

–       Gimmick Sports

Jerome Block
2005 Trust the Man Gordon, Bitter Sex Addict
2006 Stephanie Daley Joe Daley
2006 Love, Inc. (TV Series)

–       Anything But Love

2006 Shorty McShorts’ Shorts (TV Series short)

–       My Mom Married a Yeti

Og the Yeti

Henrichven (voice)

2007 The Living Wake Lampert Binew
2002-2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)

–       Smile

–       Dead

Marty Palin

Russell Matthews

2005-2008 Pale Force (TV Series) (20 episodes) Jim


Lady Bronze

2008 The Love Guru Trent Lueders
2008 Shoot First and Pray You Live (Because Luck Has Nothing to Do with It) Mart Ryder
2009 The Slammin’ Salmon Stanley Bellin
2009 Flight of the Conchords (TV Series)

–       Murray Takes It to the Next Level

2009 17 Again Coach Murphy
2006-2009 My Boys (TV Series) (40 episodes) Andy Franklin
2009 Away We Go Lowell
1998-2009 Law & Order (TV Series)

–       Reality Bites

–       Flight

Larry Johnson

George Rozakis

2009 WordGirl (TV Series)

–       Tobey’s Tricks and Treats/Escape Wham

–       Monkey vs Robot/Becky and the Bard

–       Becky and the Chocolate Factory/Chuck’s Brother

Mr. Dudley (voice)
2009 The Daily Show (TV Series)

–       Maziar Bahari

Edward R. Brokaw-Amanpour
2010 Ten Stories Tall Simon
2010 It’s Kind of a Funny Story George
2010 Going the Distance Phil
2010 Bored to Death (TV Series)

–       Super Ray Is Mortal!

Drug Counsellor
2011 Salvation Boulevard Jerry Hobson
2011 Royal Pains (TV Series)

–       Astraphobia

Pete Stanbleck
2012 Howard Cantour.com (Short) Howard Cantour
2012 Love Sick Love Andrew Blythe
2012-2013 Portlandia (TV Series)

–       Soft Opening

–       Winter in Portlandia

2013 Kilimanjaro Bill
2014 Teachers Lounge (TV Series) Nutritionist
2014 Us & Them (TV Series)

–       Coeds & Carburetors

–       Upstairs & Downstairs

2014 The Nobodies (Short) MC
2015 Walter Corey
2015 The Experimenter James McDonough
2015 Hot Pursuit Red
2015 Wallykazam! (TV Series)

–       Rock and Troll

Mr. Trollman
2015 Staten Island Summer Danny’s Dad
2015-2016 The Jim Gaffigan Show (TV Series) (23 episodes) Jim Gaffigan
2016 Chuck John
2016 Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas Santa Claus
2016 Nightcap (TV Series)

–       The Cannon

Jim Gaffigan
2017 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV Series)

–       Kimmy Bites an Onion!

Officer Krupke
2017 Chappaquiddick Paul Markham
2018 Duck Duck Goose Peng (voice)
2018 Being Frank Frank
2018 Super Troopers 2 Larry Johnson
2018 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Van Helsing (voice)
2018 American Dreamer Cam
2013-2018 Bob’s Burgers (TV Series)

–       UFO No You Didn’t

–       Ain’t Miss Debatin’

–       The Millie-churian Candidate

–       Carpe Museum

Henry Haber (voice)
2019 Them That Follow Zeke
2019 Light from Light Richard
2019 Troop Zero Ramsey Flint
2019 Drunk Parents Carl Mancini
2019 The Day Shall Come Lemmy
2015-2019 Star vs. the Forces of Evil (TV Series)

–       Beach Day/Gone Baby Gone

–       Mathmagic/The Bounce Lounge

–       Freeze Day/Royal Pain

Father Time (voice)
2019 Above the Shadows Paul Jederman
2019 Playmobil: The Movie Del (voice)
2019 Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (TV Series)

–       The Fastest Fast Food Fiend!

Jim Gaffigan (voice)
2019 I’ve Got Issues Narrator
2019 Tesla George Westinghouse
2020 Most Wanted Glen Picker
Jesus Revolution (pre-production)



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