Tom Brady will not have to serve a four-game suspension for “deflate-gate,” a judge ruled Thursday morning.

Tom Brady Suspension Lifted

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman of Manhattan threw out Brady’s suspension. Berman’s ruling came after the NFL, Brady, the athlete’s counsel and the NFL Player’s Union failed to reach a settlement in the case.

“Based upon the foregoing and applicable legal authorities, the Court hereby denies the Management Council’s motion to confirm the Award and grants the Player’s Association’s motion to vacate the Award, thereby vacating the four-game suspension of Tom Brady, effective immediately,” reads Berman’s ruling.

As a result of the ruling, Brady will be eligible to play when the New England Patriots kick off the 2015 season next Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

An independent investigation by Ted Wells back in May found, “It is more probable than not” that Brady had been “generally aware” of the slightly deflated footballs during the Patriots AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The report led the NFL and Roger Goodell to issue the four-game suspension, which Brady has now successfully appealed.