Tim Meadows, the former Saturday Night Live cast member, was bothered over the weekend when former cast mates Will Ferrell and David Koechner returned to SNL and performed the classic “Bill Brasky” sketch without him.

SNL Brings Back "Bill Brasky"

Meadows, who worked on the show for nine years, from 1991-2000, was there when Ferrell and his writing partner Adam McKay, created the “Bill Brasky” sketch, in which a group of drunk businessmen gather at a bar and exchange tall tales about a mythical ‘Bill Brasky.’ The sketch had been absent from the air for a reported 15 years, and returned on the Dec. 7 episode hosted by Paul Rudd, who stars in the upcoming Anchorman 2 with Ferrell and Koechner.

Meadows Rants Against SNL On Facebook

After the episode aired, Meadows took to his official Facebook page to express his disappointment at seeing the sketch done without him, writing “They did Brasky with out me…”

Fans were quick to comment on his post, and Meadows responded, explaining that he was not even invited to see the show:

“Not even a ‘hey would you want to come to do one line and bring your kids to see the 5 directions…?’ Nothing… Wow…”

“I guess I know my place…” Meadows continued.

Betty Cahill, commiserated with Meadows online, writing, “Tim this really sucks, especially since you have kids who would have loved to meet the band.”

Meadows answered her, sounding increasingly betrayed by the show:

“I guess it just dawned on me that I mean NOTHING to them…I’m just being overly sensitive. It doesn’t matter in the long run. I’m grateful for what they did for me. But everyone in a while as a fan and a alumni, it stings a little to not even be considered as someone they would like to come back around,” Meadows explained.

Later, Meadows appeared to calm down and accept the fact that his perceived snub may have simply been due to his not being a part of the Anchorman cast.

“I’m sure it’s economics and budget. I’m not in Anchor Man and I’m not promoting a show so who would want to pay for me to fly to NYC. I’m nobody. NOBODY!!”

Meadows went on to declare that he would “never watch SNL again,” adding that the show blamed him for the failure of his SNL-character inspired film The Ladies Man and treats him “like a red-headed step child.”

Those comments prompted Meadows to issue a sort-of apology later, in which he thanked his fans for their support, and said, “after a Mimosa I take back everything I said before!” These comments have since been deleted.

“Thanks for all your kind comments… I’m not mad at the show. I know what it takes to produce those sketches in a short amount of time. I talked to a friend on the show who said it WAS a last minute sketch. I acted like a baby. I’m happy for all of my friends success and will always be grateful and proud to have been a part of SNL,” Meadows wrote.

Meadows just released a trailer for his upcoming film Anyone’s Ghost, and is currently performing on a comedy tour.

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