As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has been released from prison two years after he unsuccessfully tried to have his estranged wife killed by a hitman.


Lambesis was arrested in May 2013 for trying to hire a hitman to murder his wife, Meggan Lambesis, for $1,000. As it turned out, the “hitman” was actually an undercover cop, and busted the singer. Tim was sentenced to six years in prison after he pleaded guilty to solicitation for murder. It is unclear why he has been released early.

“He’s out, he’s got a mega record deal, he’s got a book deal, everything’s lined up for him,” said former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. “I mean, he’s going to skate through life. Everybody else is suffering. His wife is living in fear, his children are living in fear. His band doesn’t have a pot to piss in.”

Phil Sgrosso, the rhythm guitarist from the band, echoed Lynch’s sentiments in a tweet, that simply read, “Currently looking for a pot to piss in #georgelynch.”

Former guitarist for the band Nick Hipa spoke on Lambesis in an interview in last October. “None of them know those kids or that woman like we do. They don’t understand what he put them through to get her to a place to be like, ‘You know what? I have to protect these children from you,’” he explains. “If anyone can look at the situation objectively, they can even see this guy tried to have someone murdered, and his reasoning was that he was on steroids so he was unable to think rationally, and he lost his religion, so he wasn’t able to make any moral decisions. This is who he says he was at the time, and that’s why he tried to kill her. If that’s the type of person you’re admitting to being, what sort of good mother do you think would let their kids hang around with that [kind of] personality?”

Lambesis is allegedly going to get married very soon following his release. He and an unknown woman have been dating since before the singer was locked up, but reports say they will wed on April 29.

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