Tila Tequila went on an extensive rant on Wednesday making offensive statements about immigrants, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims and African-Americans. In the midst of the rant, Tila simultaneously pledged her support of Donald Trump and proclaimed herself to be an alien reborn from the destruction of her old self, chosen and empowered by god.

The T.V. personality began trending on Twitter after the circulation of the following tweet:

With the birth name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, Tila was born in Singapore after her family emigrated from Vietnam fleeing the Vietnam War. They later relocated to Houston, Texas, where Tila was raised. When many reminded Tila of her own journey to the United States, she defended herself:

Drawing connections to Trumps’ speech announcing his presidency, Tila referred to Mexicans as “rapists, murders, and drug dealers” in her lengthy rant. She demeaned African-Americans using historically sensitive language and replied to tweets making statements about Jewish, Muslim and Albanian people.

Tila showed no remorse for her comments.

While it originally seemed that Tila was targeting illegal immigrants – since she shielding her family from accusations because they were legal citizens – her goal for the rant seemed to fluctuate throughout the day.

Tila also tied the support of Nazism in her rant. She called herself an honorary Aryan and the reincarnation of Hitler.

When the state of her daughter’s well being under her supervision was questioned, Tila replied:

Tila later issued an official apology through a video post on Twitter. In the video, she says: “I just want to say sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings recently, because I’m sorry you’re a bunch of dirtbags and losers.”

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