Rapper B.o.B. has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to prove that the earth is actually flat.


B.o.B. jumped on the flat-earther bandwagon last year on Twitter and has become a spokesperson for the movement. He is setting out to find the earth’s curve and to see if the planet is actually round or flat. The curve of the earth is a big contention for flat-earthers, who think that if the earth was round, then the curve would be more visible to a person standing on the ground.

“The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart… where is the curve ? please explain this,” the rapper wrote on Twitter in Jan. 2016.

His campaign wants to launch multiple satellites into space to observe the curve of the earth, and to disprove was science and technology has already confirmed. He is asking for $200,000 total for the project, called “Show BoB The Curve.”

“What’s up guys! Help support B.o.B purchase and launch one, if not multiple, satellites into space,” says the GoFundMe campaign site. “He’s donated 1k to the cause to get it going, and will be keeping you updated with step-by-step documentation of the process! Help B.o.B find the curve!”

This is a strange issue to encounter in 2017, but between Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Flat Earth Society has racked up nearly 100,000 followers, including famous faces like Kyrie IrvingTila Tequila, and Sammy Watkins.

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