The Bridge’s second episode was sinisterly titled “Calaca," which perfectly fit with the dark nature of the events that unfolded with in it. Calaca, which means a skull or skeleton in Spanish, is most associated with Mexican holiday El Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Though the holiday is generally a celebration, there’s wasn't much revelry "Calaca."

Charlotte (Annabeth Gish) discovered a secret passageway between Mexicao and Texas behind the door beneath the cabin on her late husband's ranch. At first she thinks Karl was running dogs between the countries, but the ranch hand Cesar soon explains that it was “illegals.” When a sketchy lawyer named Monty P. Flagman comes by to negotiate a price to keep the tunnel open for a mystery client, Charlotte begins to fully realize the kind of shady activity her late husband was involved in to pay off past debts.

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As for the homicides of Judge Lorraine Gates (Mandy June Turpin) and Christina Fuentes, Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Marco Ruiz (Demiean Bichir) are still trying to figure out the meaning of their joint corpses. They learn that Fuentes' body was originally tossed with those of the late members of Fausto Galvan’s cartel. While Sonya and Marco think the corpses numbered at 22, Capitan Rojas knows there was a 23rd – Galvan’s brother Rafa – and is potentially a dirty cop in league with Galvan.

Marco is livid with Sonya, telling her she’s going to end up getting him – and his whole family – killed. Sonya admits to Hank (Ted Levine) that she knows she’s not handling things with Marco well, as the policy norms in Mexico are foreign to her. She also asks Hank about Marco’s marriage, wondering why his wife calls him just to hear his voice. Sonya, clearly not the sentimental or tactful type, later ends up at a bar and fails miserably picking a guy up with her bluntness. When Sonya and Marco do successfully work together, they realize that the voice mail made by the serial killer was recorded three years ago by an actor – meaning he’d had everything planned for quite awhile.

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Trekking their way across the dessert, the migrants are in search of a way to pass through into the United States undetected. While one member wants to head in the direction of a shiny building, another advises they head away from peopled locations where they might be spotted. At one point, they come across a circle of water bottles surrounding an altar. Rather than a miracle, it’s a death trap. The serial killer, Sonya and Marco realize, left his signature behind – a tiny silver bead.

Also in the episode, Steven Linder (Thomas M. Wright) is still off the detectives radars after bringing the young Mexican girl, Eva Guerra (Stephanie Sigman), across the border last episode, and the serial killer is still tartgeting reporter Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard), likely in hopes that he’ll be his voice to the world.

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