The Bachelorette picked up on Sunday with star Andi Dorfman vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her three remaining suitors – Josh, Chris and Nick.

The Bachelorette Recap

Nick is up first for the romantic Caribbean date. Though he and Andi have a solid “mental connection,” according to the bachelorette, Nick has yet to tell her that he loves her. Throughout their day together in Punta Cana, they take a helicopter ride to a private island, where Nick opens up about how he’s coped with bad breakups in the past. As he stammers through much of their conversation, it becomes clear that it’s not only the “l-word” that Nick struggles to get out with Andi.

After dinner, Nick decides to present Andi with a custom made, illustrated children’s fairytale book about a Princess Andi. The string of cute drawings ended with a slightly creepy one of he and Andi clad in bikinis making out in the “magic room.” Anyway, it gets Nick an invitation to the Fantasy Suite. Before they head there, however, Nick finally summons the courage to tell Andi exactly how he feels.

Nick Says 'I Love You'

"I love what I know about you. Like, I love that you're a serious girl who doesn't take herself so seriously. I love that you know what you want but you can go with the flow," he tells Andi. "I love that you're very confident and strong but not afraid to be vulnerable. And [pause] I love you, Andi."

Following her successful date with Nick, Andi heads to Santo Domingo to meet up with Josh. As Nick pointed out, Andi knows what she wants, and from Josh, she wants to hear more than that he’s “falling in love” with her. Luckily for her, he tells her he loves her relatively early on in the date. He adds, “I’ve never said that to somebody before that I really meant it.”

Josh Proves He's A Family Man

Josh’s confession about never feeling genuine love before sparks concern in Andi that he won’t be ready to marry and have kids with her. Josh tries to reassure her that he’s confident they’d make great parents together and has no fear of commitment. When Andi admits she can be difficult, Josh, perhaps unwisely, says he’s already seen that she’s not the easiest person in the world. Despite his potential misstep, Andi gives him the Fantasy Suite card.

For her final getaway date, Andi takes Chris – likely at the producer’s insistence – to Danger Ranch. At the farm, the farmer and the bachelorette ride horses until the latter has enough of it and. tells Chris that she’s going to be sore the next day. The whole farm theme of the date does nothing to quell Andi’s ultimate concern about the prospect of moving to Iowa for Chris.

Andi Breaks Up With Chris

While Andi mulls over whether or not to invite Chris to the Fantasy Suite, she tells him that she feels likes she’s “at a crossroads” with him. Basically, she thinks he’s a great guy, but isn’t sure how she really feels about him. At the end of the day, Andi feels that she has no choice but to confess to Chris that she doesn’t feel for him the way he feels for her. "I'm incredibly disappointed, but I get it," Chris tells a sobbing Andi while rubbing her shoulder. "I want your feelings to be for me—and if they're not, I want to go home."

With Chris out of the running, it’s down to Nick and Josh for the final rose.


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