Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers is getting to a point where alliances faltering and communication is at a low point.


The episode began with Ben’s tricky moves being revealed to the rest of the group. “I was just duped,” admits Ryan, and Mike is equally upset with himself for getting caught. But Chrissy is just upset: “What you did tonight really showed your true colors. You’re such a jerk, Ben.”

The episode theme is the loved-ones visit. The interactions are sometimes moving, sometimes awkward, but mostly unnecessary. The first challenge of the hour, however, involved the loved ones completing a challenge with the actual contestants. The challenge, however, was one of the more boring ones – loved ones and contestants had to pull a marble out of a bag, and if their colors matched, they were safe for another round. In the end, Chrissy wins the BBQ and chooses Ryan, Mike, and Ashely to enjoy it with her.

It appears Chrissy has her sights set on bringing Ashley into her alliance and away from the others, which could flip the script at tribal counsels. She tells Ashley that Ben will surely win if they don’t turn against him now. Meanwhile, Ben is making a fake idol and wants to plant it where the others might stumbled upon it. It appears he’s just trying to mess with the others after the stunt he pulled last week. At the same time, Lauren finds half of an immunity idol, with instructions to find the other half at the next challenge.

Then we head to the immunity challenge, which sees the contestants have to stretch out their arms so their fingertips holds up discs against a post. If you drop a disc, you’re out. Devon lets Ashely win in exchange for a massage, and assures the camera that they are big allies, so he feels safe.

At the tribal counsel is where things really get messy. Before it begins, Devon, Lauren, and Ashley are all ready to vote out Chrissy, but Ben hears his name thrown around also. Ben goes to Mike and Ryan and get them to agree to vote out Lauren. Chrissy figures this out and, still angry about last week, refuses to go along with it and insists on voting for Ben. Mike returns to Lauren and tells, so then they all decide to vote for Ben. But at the last second, Ryan and Mike decide to vote for Lauren and Chrissy agrees. Mike tries to convince her to vote for Ben instead, which she seemed on board with earlier, but she says no, she’ll vote for Lauren. But when the votes are revealed, it turns out that she did end up voting for Ben. Ben smartly uses his idol to keep himself safe, so despite so many votes for Ben, Lauren ends up going home even though Ben was the only one to vote for her.

All the craziness is confusing, but we’re getting to the end of the season, where manipulations and lies come with the territory.