Jesse Armstrong won the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series Emmy yesterday, and in turn gave his audience an incredibly unconventional acceptance speech. It began with a brief thank you for the award, but quickly devolved into a series of “un-thank you”s, prompted by his inability to be with the Succession cast and crew as he accepted his award for the finale of the show.

“Un-thank you to the virus, for keeping us all apart this year,” Armstrong began, before switching to a more political standpoint. “Un-thank you to President Trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response, un-thank you to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country, un-thank you to all the nationalists and sort of quasi-nationalist governments in the world who are sort of the opposite of what we need right now, and un-thank you to the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power. Un-thank you,” he finished with a bow towards the camera.

Generally, Twitter viewers seemed to be in support of Armstrong’s speech, both praising and making fun of his brashness at the show.

Nonetheless, there were still users upset with the speech, primarily because of contradictory political views.

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