It's been a few years since comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen shocked audiences, not to mention some unsuspecting costars, with his unique brand of part-comedy, part-social commentary in Borat and Bruno. Now Cohen, 39, is looking to do it again in The Dictator, a movie about a deposed, despotic foreign dictator who gets lost in America.

Though this film is scripted, unlike his previous projects, Baron Cohen will still get the chance to exercise at least some of his chameleon-like skills. He will portray both the titular role and a lowly foreign goat herder in the movie, which is loosely based on Saddam Hussein and "inspired" by a novel the former dictator purportedly wrote, entitled Zabibah and the King. The black comedy adaptation describes itself as "a heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed."

Baron Cohen, pictured here filming a mock street protest in New York, is again teaming up with Borat director Larry Charles, who is also helming The Dictator. Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, Megan Fox and J.B. Smoove will costar in the film. Anna Faris will play the love interest that the dictator attempts to track down in the United States. The new movie has been described as a cross between Coming to America and Trading Places. It is currently in filming and is slated to hit theaters on May 11, 2012.


  • Sydney Ramsden
    Sydney Ramsden on

    Oh boy…I can't wait to see what he does with this

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