YouTube user absuperman recently posted a video to his account in which he gives reviews of his Bereta 92 and AR-15 guns while using a speech-impairing iPhone app Speech Jammer. Since it was released last Friday, it’s accumulated upwards of 400,000 views.

Before plugging the earpods of his iPhone into his ears, absuperman explains that he doesn’t feel that he has enough knowledge to provide an interesting review of his arsenal, so he’s trying something unique. By using “Speech Jammer,” the young man renders his gun review nearly unintelligible.

The application is intentionally designed to mangle a person’s normal speech patterns. It accomplishes this by using feedback recorded from what a person says, then playing it back to them with a slight delay. The delay causes the affected person to stutter, drop consonant sounds and elongate syllables as they try to correct for the delayed feedback.

Absuperman, while the latest individual to use "Speech Jammer" for comedic purposes on the web, is certainly not the first. See below for more videos of people “jamming” their speech for laughs.

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