Sons of Anarchy “The Separation of Crows” finds SAMCRO scrambling to clean up the mess that landed Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) in the hands of August Marks' (Billy Brown) men.

Sons of Anarchy Recap

Finally, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) seems to be realizing that he’s no match for the ruthless August Marks. More than his lack of manpower and smarts is the fact that he cares about his men and his family; he has things to lose. Surprisingly, instead of being relieved that Jax is over his scheme, Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) encourages him to stick with the plan.

Finding Bobby is SAMCRO’s first order of business. In order to get Bobby back, Tyler (Mo McRae) says Marks wants the pastor’s body and to know where his wife and stepson are. Every 24 hours that they hold out, Bobby will lose a body part. Unfortuantely, Tyler’s guys can’t find Bobby, so SAMCRO decides to try to figure out who sold them out to Lin.

Sergio Coletti (Jeffrey R. Newman) leads the club to Renee O’Leary and her husband Carl, believing they might have information on her dead son Gib. She tells them that Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles) was Gib’s real father and that after Gib died it was him who got rid of the body. The group quickly surmises that Jury was likely the rat, because he knew where SAMCRO had the guns hidden and was at the hit on Lin’s gun delivery.

As for Juice, he tries to make a deal with Jarry and Unser to be put into administrative segregation once he's moved to Stockton. He says that if he gets that, he'll give them information that will allow them to get proof about who killed Gemma. Once he leaves, Jarry asks Unser why he'd request to be in solitary. Unser, putting it all together, realizes that the club put Juice up to killing Lin.

Jax arranges a meeting with Jury in the middle of nowhere and admits to the Indian Hills man that he killed his son. Jury still adamantly denies selling SAMCRO out to Lin. While he wanted Jax dead, he had no intention of branding himself a rat. Jax doesn’t believe him. Grieving from the death of his son, frustrated that Jax won’t believe him, Jury berates Jax about how he became everything his father didn’t want, and that John Teller killed himself when the club had gotten out of control during his time. To that, Jax responds by giving Jury a fatal gunshot to the head.

Gemma (Katay Sagal) has still been cooped up at the cabin, helping Leticia get clean. However, she gets a call summoning her to Abel’s school because he hit a fellow student with a metal lunchbox. The teacher (Courtney Love) tries to explain to Gemma that it looks like he’s imitating violent behaviors, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Later on, Gemma watches on as Abel is coloring and asks him about the incident. He calls it an accident. When she asks him if he knows what an accident is, he retorts, remembering the conversation he heard about her killing Tara, “Do you?”

Abel, in addition to knowing Gemma’s secret, is in harms way with August Marks. Scrawled on the wall in Abel’s bedroom is, “No son is safe.” Jax, eager to protect his child, agrees to hand over the pastor’s body, but he won’t give them the location of Leticia and Grant. As a result, Moses cuts off the fingers on Bobby’s left hand and sends it off to SAMCRO.

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