Sons of Anarchy opened on Tuesday night with Gemma (Katey Sagal) struggling to walk down the road in spike-heeled boots following her late night confrontation with Juice (Theo Rossi), who took off with her truck. When she spots a truck stop diner down the way, she mutters, “Better have cigarettes.” Juice, meanwhile, is knocking up a convenience store.

Sons Of Anarchy Recap

At Diosa, Wendy (Drea de Matteo) is outside grabbing a smoke, clearly worrying over something. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) comes up to her to see how she’s doing. Sensing Wendy’s worked up over Jax (Charlie Hunnam), he admits that the Sons leader doesn’t have an “outer crust,” which causes him to take everything in and boil up. Bobby also acknowledges that Wendy's ex is driven by his heart before he asks her if she still loves him; she does.

After trying to reassure Nero (Jimmy Smits) about the hit on the Diosa, Jax heads off to meet with Tyler, who agrees to track down Dulane. If he can find him, Jax will take him and his men out. Tyler eventually comes through with the intel and the Sons wipe them out. Jax then uses the bodies to gain the trust of Ron Tully’s (Marilyn Manson) white supremacist men and then – instead of having them buried – has them piled up outside Pope Partners construction site.

At the truck stop diner, a tired Gemma is waited on by Gertie (Lea Michele), a kind-hearted single mother. Gertie noticed Gemma talking to herself when she first got in, brought her coffee and a Danish and then let her sleep. When she was about to take her cigarette break, Gertie invited Gemma outside for a smoke. Gemma agrees and in a rare moment of vulnerability, reveals that her son’s wife had died. When Gertie asks how, she says unflinchingly, “It was my fault.”

The Mayans, feeling betrayed that Nero set up the Chinese for Jax and Samcro, pay him a visit at Diosa. Nero explains to Marcus (Emilio Rivera) that he only did it because the Chinese killed Tara, but the Mayans bring him to their office and lock him in a closet.

Soon, the Mayans are greeted by Juice, who shows up in Gemma’s truck and a couple thousand dollars looking for passage into Mexico. When the Mayans suggest they’ll need more than that, he offers to give them SAMCRO intel. Instead of making the deal, the Mayans phone up Jax. Jax and Marcus make amends about the Chinese hit and make a new deal. While Jax goes off to set a few things in motion, the Mayans lock Juice up with Nero.

When Unser (Dayton Callie) and Wendy eventually arrive at the truck stop diner to pick up Gemma, Gemma tells them that Juice ran off. Unser isn’t buying the story and suggests that she killed him. Gemma doesn’t tell him that she tried, but reveals that Juice didn’t have it in him to kill her and just took off. Unser insists that Gemma tell Jarry (Annabeth Gish) about how she saw two of the Chinese the night Tara was killed.

Unser drives Gemma back into town to talk to Jax. She tells Jax what Unser wants her to reveal, thinking that would be the last thing her son would want. However, Jax reasons that if the DA has evidence Lin killed a doctor and a mother, there’s no way they’ll let him out of jail and encourages her to go to Jarry with what she knows.

As “Smoke 'em If You Got 'em” ended, Nero is released by the Mayans, who reveal they’ve cut a deal with SAMCRO and everything is all good. When Nero goes to see Gemma, he tells her he spent some time with Juice and that her car was with the Mayans. He suspects that she helped to hide Juice, but doesn’t know what to make of things when he tells her Jax now has Juice and she says through tears, “If he tells Jax what he knows…”

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