Sons of Anarchy opened with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Juice (Theo Rossi) at the fateful location where John Teller died. Instead of killing Juice for his betrayal, Jax decided to give him a mission to test his loyality to the brotherhood. Jax tells him to get himself arrested by shooting at the tires of cop cars. Once he’s inside, he’s to kill Lin (Kenneth Choi). Unbeknownst to Juice, Jax has a back-up plan in the form of Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) should he fail.

Sons of Anarchy Recap

While overseeing Red Woody’s latest production, Jax gets a visit from Unser (Dayton Callie), who informs him that Eglee (Marya Delver) is alive and talking. Eglee told Unser that the day she was shot both SAMCRO and AB were there. She has no plans on ratting anyone out, so long as she can be guaranteed her own safety. Jax promises SAMCRO won’t harm her, but can’t know what the AB will do. When Unser asks him about Juice, Jax lies and says he hasn’t seen him.

At a club meeting, Jax details his plans about dealing with Marks (Billy Brown). Instead of shedding more blood he’s going to try to use leverage, as he’s more than aware that Marks is more dangerous than the men they typically deal with. Despite the fact that messing with Marks is a dangerous idea, all of SAMCRO is still with Jax and his plan for personal vengeance. Unser interrupts to let everyone know that Juice has been picked up. Since no one had their best acting game on, Unser realizes they knew and that Juice is likely being used.

Nero (Jimmy Smits), after his brush with death at the hands of the Mayans, is eager to get out of Charming. He can buy his uncle’s farm if he sells his half of Diosa to Jax and wants Gemma (Katey Sagal) to come with him. Gemma isn’t overly eager to follow him, but Nero pleads with her to take it into consideration. Later, in a moment of vulnerability, Gemma hugs Unser and admits she doesn’t want anyone leaving her.

The leverage Jax hopes to use against Marks involves the late kinky preacher’s wife and son. He tells them that SAMCRO has determined that Marks killed their patriarch. With that in mind, Jax tells the wife to sign a statement that says Marks threatened her and her husband into signing the housing deal, giving the police a possible motive. Jax seems to think the potential murder charge will get Marks to back off SAMCRO. However, Jax didn’t foresee the problem involving a pimp named Greensleeves.

Greensleeves can completely destroy the wife’s credibility with cell phone video of the pastor bringing young boys to the lake house – footage that the wife has been paying him to keep quiet about. Jax takes on the task of putting an end to the blackmail, and also offers to have Gemma come over to wean the wife off her drug habit. As for the blackmail issue, Nero helps him track down Greensleeves, but the pimp books it before they can have a chat. They do, however, get some time with one of his prostitutes Winsome, who Jax takes a liking to. She ends up helping them find Greensleeves, for whom Jax ends up staging a suicide.

Afterwards, Jax hands Tyler (Mo McRae) a copy of the document the wife signed to give to Marks. If Marks doesn’t meet Jax later or if he comes with an armed entourage, the document will be going straight to the DA. Meanwhile, Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), Quinn (Rusty Coones) and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) dig up the pastor’s body to take a picture to send to Tyler.

When Gemma is summoned by Rat (Niko Nicotera) and Happy (David Labrava) at Jax’s request, she fears that she’s being picked up for her death. She insists that she go to her house first to get some things. After she’s done packing she goes to see baby Thomas. She has to get her truth off her chest, and so tells the baby she killed Tara. “Killing your mommy was an accident,” she says, not knowing that Abel was standing in the doorway. She goes on to elaborate about how she didn’t want to kill her and how sorry she is all while Abel stands listening.

Eventually Gemma gets to the cabin and realizes that the mother-son issue she’s meant to be dealing with isn’t hers after all. Wendy (Drea de Matteo) calls Unser to let him know that Gemma was worried before heading to the cabin. Unser takes this to Jax and admits that she seemed unsettled when she left and wants to know that she’s going to be safe. SAMCRO guys shrug off the suggestion that Gemma has something to fear from them and assume Happy may have said something off-putting. In any case, Jax sends Bobby to check up on her. On his way, he’s driven off the road, but survives the accident

After getting the call from Tyler, SAMCRO and the Mayans go to meet August. An hour passes in which Unser and Chucky (Michael Ornstein) watch the bike be unloaded at T-M, Juice meets his new Aryan cellmate and Nero heads to the cabin to help Gemma with the junkie and Able is lying awake. When Moses shows up to meet SAMCRO at the site, he hands them a package. Inside the package is a Redwood Original patch and an iPad that shows a video of Bobby having his eye scooped out of its socket with a grapefruit spoon. Also in the package is a Tupperware container that holds Bobby’s eye.

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