Sons of Anarchy, "What a Piece of Work is Man,” begins with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) steeling himself for an inevitable confrontation with the Indian Hills after killing Jury, and his ongoing dealings with August Marks (Billy Brown).

Sons of Anarchy Recap

Upon learning that Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) was further mutilated after he didn’t give Marks everything he wanted, Jax needs to rethink how he’s going to deal with him. Jax reasons that he can use the compromising video of the pastor as blackmail against Marks. Grant (Arjay Smith) points out to Jax that his previous blackmail plan hadn’t worked out so well. In fact, hardly any of Jax’s plans have gone all that well lately.

When Tyler (Mo McRae) shows up, Jax asks him to set up a meeting with Marks or Moses (Mathew St. Patrick) to show them he’s ready to give them the pastor’s body – as well as the damning video. Grant really doesn’t want the video going anywhere and tries to make a getaway with it. However, he comes to his senses and tells Jax he’d give himself over to Marks in order to save his mother if he had to. The two bond over their shared desire to neutralize Marks and then Jax sends Grant back to the cabin.

As for Gemma (Katey Sagal), she finds out from Unser (Dayton Callie) that Juice (Theo Rossi) tipped the authorities off about Dun – the guy Gemma fingered to Jax, who then gave him a good beating. What’s more, Unser tells Gemma, that Juice, acting on Jax’s orders, is setting himself up to kill Lin (Kenneth Choi). Gemma will ultimately have Lin’s blood on her hands if she doesn’t give Jarry a statement backing up Juice’s story about Dun.

During her chat with Jarry (Annabeth Gish), Gemma lays into the cop about how she’s “on the take” and sleeping with Chibs (Tommy Flanagan). She tells Jarry she’s wading into dangerous territory with her foot on two sides of the law. The two end up in an all-out scrape. Jarry, though she took the most hits, doesn’t try to press charges. Instead, she tries to offer her reasons to Gemma. Gemma could not care less about what Jarry has to say and struts on out.

Finally, Jax and Marks meet face-to-face. Marks, as cool as ever, questions Jax's bloody and costly revenge tour. He’s even more confused that through all the chaos, Lin is still alive. Putting all that aside, Marks insists that he see Grant. He doesn’t understand why Jax has taken such an interest in them, but he promises not to kill Grant; he just wants to scare him. If Jax doesn’t produce, Bobby will die.

The heat from the Indian Hills gets worse for Jax when members from the charter come by to check in with him. SAMCRO tells them that O’Leary was Jury’s (Michael Shamus Wiles) son and that they were the ones who knew where the Chinese guns were hidden. Jax tacks on that Jury admitted to being a rat. The Indian Hills VP, not buying Jax’s story, lets him know that the SOA charters would be getting together to weigh-in on Jax’s killing of one of their own. What Jax needs now is “proof” of Jury’s guilty. Chibs says they should have Juice get Lin to confess to making a deal with Jury.

After her altercation with Gemma, Jarry looks into Juice and Gemma’s story about Dun. It turns out that Dun was in another state being held in a drunk tank the night that Tara was killed. When she tells Unser, he suggests that they take Juice’s deal off the table and put him in the general population so he won’t have a chance at Lin. He also advises her not to share what she’s learned with Juice.

When Marks and Jax meet for their scheduled trade, both leaders call their men off. Though Marks can see Grant, he still wants to send a message to him – and to Jax. Grabbing Bobby’s gun, he shoots Bobby in the head. Quickly, Jax scrambles to do some damage to Marks, and ends up having the club leave some of the pastor’s body parts on the construction site and deliver Loutreesha’s statement to the cops.

Chibs is the one tasked with giving Jarry Loutreesha’s statement. Jarry is duly skeptical about the statement. Additionally, she’s worried about how she’ll be able to explain how she came upon it to her higher-ups. He encourages her to do something with it, saying that with both Lin and Marks behind bars, there will be more peace in Charming.

In the end, Jarry goes through with having Marks arrested, as Juice remains in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, SAMCRO pays their last respects to their beloved Bobby.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays on FX at 10/9c.

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