Photos of Prince Harry in Afghanistan with the British Army Air Corps have been released by the Ministry of Defense.

Known as Captain Wales in the Army, Prince Harry, 28, is returning from a five-month deployment where he served as an Apache helicopter pilot. This second tour of his went much smoother than his first in 2007, which was cut short due to a leak concerning his location. Instead of calling for an all out media blackout this time around, the media was permitted to join the Prince on base as long as they agreed to not report operational details.

During the media's time with Prince Harry in Afghanistan, they collected quite a few pictures of him in his everyday military duties and downtime. Since the prince is now safely on his way home, they're free to release them to the public, in addition to a video interview where the royal pilot talks combat, his excitement about becoming an uncle and his Las Vegas photo scandal. See the slideshow of images here.

Watch a clip from Prince Harry's interview below: