Sleepy Hollow, which recently got picked up for a second season, began with Abbie (Nicole Beharie) realizing that her sister Jenny has broken out of her mental institution and is now on the lam in “The Lesser Key of Solomon."

When Abbie gets back to the car, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) appears to be having a profound conversation with himself about his long lost wife – the good witch Katrina – conveying the rarity of their feelings for one another. There is a voice at the other end of his monologue, however, Abbie’s car’s OnStar operator.

Once Abbie and Crane make it back to the Sleepy Hollow police station, they plead with Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) to put a halt on the APB for Jenny. For some reason unbeknownst to viewers of the show, the captain allows for a 12-hour lead. Once their 12-hour head start is up, though, he’ll be launching a national search.


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While placing some calls in an attempt to locate her sister, Abbie exposits about her and Jenny’s childhood. After their father left and their mother was hospitalized following a nervous breakdown, they were placed in foster care. Jenny, like Abbie, got mixed up in some criminal behavior before she began travelling the world – something Abbie can’t readily explain. When Crane suggests they track down Jenny’s last foster family, they’re off.

The foster mom Abbie finds is anything but ideal, keeping her current foster kid frail and sleeping on the ground. After issuing a series of threats, Abbie learns that not only did Jenny and Sheriff Corbin have a friendship, but that she also was in the habit of running away to a nearby cabin. Naturally, Abby and Crane’s next stop is the cabin. There, they find Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood).

After Crane gets Abbie and Jenny to lower their respective weapons, Jenny reveals that Sheriff Corbin had conveyed his belief in her visions. Furthermore, he’d sent her off around the world in search of “rare objects.” One of the objects turned out to be a map-containing sextant that will lead them to The Lesser Key of Solomon – a pivotal dark magic book that will aid them in their Revelations quest.

Crane knows all about the Lesser Key of Solomon. In fact, he threw the Boston Tea Party so that he could get the stone box that contained it, per General George Washington’s orders. While Crane did get it to Washington, he didn’t get to see it, much to his chagrin. While he waxes poetic about his revisionist history, the cabin comes under fire by a gang of thieves who take the sextant. One of them doesn’t get away and is interrogated by Abbie, Crane and Jenny.

Like the headless horseman, he’s a Hessian, and he’s just one of many walking about, blending into their earthy and modern surroundings. He warns that their leader Moloch will eventually rise and wreak havoc, before conveniently popping a cyanide capsule into his mouth and dying.

While they’ve learned a bit about Moloch and the dangers his followers pose, they’re still without the map. Thankfully, however, Crane’s eidetic memory is fully functioning and he recreates the map in a flash. Once the map is drawn, Abbie takes Crane and Jenny to the Dutch Reform Church, where Moloch’s men have created a skeleton infested lava fountain. While Jenny takes down a Hessian with her gun, Abbie dumps the accursed book into the fountain of evil.

“The Lesser Key of Solomon” ends with Crane feeling one step further in his mission to save the world, and Abbie and Jenny renewing their sisterly relationship.

– Chelsea Regan

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