Sleepy Hollow introduces a mysterious boy named Thomas whose dated attire indicates that he, like Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), is from another time in its latest episode titled "John Doe." Thomas, upon arriving in Sleepy Hollow, passes out and draws the attention of the police. When Abbie (Nicole Beharie) heads to the scene she invites Crane to tag along. Once there, they learn that Thomas speaks Middle English – which Crane obviously studied in Oxford, enabling him to converse with the mystery boy.

Without even talking to Thomas, it’s clear that something is wrong with him; his veins are black and he’s clearly ill. Furthermore, those who’ve already come in contact with him are showing the same symptoms and are rapidly starting to overtake the hospital. In any case, they learn from Thomas that he’s from Roanoake – Roanoake Island, N.C. to be exact, the settlement that disappeared sometime around 1590.

Crane and Abbie locate the new settlement off of a trail that runs through Sleepy Hollow on a little island that they get to by quite literally walking on water. They find out that the Horseman of Pestilence had tried to wipe out the population with the plague, but that the community was saved by a child ghost that brought them to the island. They’re black of vein, but appear to be in decent health.

Before Abbie and Crane can bring Thomas back to the island for a cure, Crane appears to come down with the ailment as well. During his delirium, he finds himself reunited with his wife Katrina in an in-between governed by Moloch. He’s close to finding out why the redhead's soul is desired when he’s jolted out of his lifelike reverie as Abbie and Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) do what they can to get him and Thomas to Roanoake Island. They do ultimately make it, bathing in the island’s central well to become cured. Their dip in the well also forces the Horseman of Pestilence to retreat.

As it turns out, Thomas was dead all along, as were all the black-veined people on Roanoake Island. “Your faith in being one of the witnesses allowed you to see what your eyes could not,” Ichabod explains to Abbie. She shoots back with her own wisdom, telling her unofficial partner that though he’s from the past, his place right now is in the present with her.

Back at the station, Luke (Nicholas Gonzalez) – officer of the law and Abbie’s ex-boyfriend – continues to be wary (read: jealous) of Ichabod Crane. In a fit of suspicion and resentment, Luke dials up Oxford to ask if there’s an Ichabod Crane who currently works as a professor there. The woman on the other end of the line, whomever she is, vouches for the Revolutionary War transplant.

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays on Fox at 9/8c.


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