Back in May, acclaimed director James Cameron teased his plans to get behind more than one sequel to his Oscar-winning 2009 film, Avatar, starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Giovanni Ribisi.

"I'm in the Avatar business. Period," Cameron said at the time about his future plans. And now Weaver is confirming that Cameron is planning to shoot Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 consecutively and very soon, according to

Furthermore, Weaver, whose character, Grace, died in the first Avatar, has revealed that she will return for Cameron's next Avatar films. According to Weaver, she will just "show up" for Cameron whenever he calls upon her, reports The Huffington Post.

While that confuses some, Cameron defended Weaver's involvement late last year by joking, "Have you ever heard of nonlinear storytelling? A lot happens on that planet before she shows up, and before Jake (Worthington) shows up to join her. She's there for fifteen years ahead of time," Cameron told Vulture.

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