Sharky Jama, a young man from Melbourne, Australia, who had worked as a model and a DJ, was reportedly killed fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Sharky Jama Killed Fighting For ISIS

Jama, 25, had disappeared with a fellow Somali-Australian last August, though his parents were unaware that he had joined ISIS, reported The Australian. The family was informed of Jama’s fighting with the terrorist group and his resulting death by the president of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria, Hussein Harkow.

“They’re very shocked and very disappointed,” Harakow told CNN. “He never explained what’s happening over there or what he’s doing. The family lived a simple life. They never discussed these sorts of things.”

Jama’s death has not been confirmed by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It comes as a surprise to many who knew Jama that he would have made the decision to join ISIS, as he seemed to thrive in the culture of Australia’s second most populous city.

“We were quite shocked to find out he had joined ISIS, and we immediately cut ties with him,” said Stephen Bucknall, director of Melbourne’s FRM Model Management.

“He was a very likable guy, very courteous, always came around with a smile. He had a great modeling career ahead of him. He always showed up at the agency ready to work on the runway, print and TV,” Bucknall added, “To be honest, I would have seen him as a sign of hope for the community. He was integrated, he got himself into the mainstream.”


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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, upon learning of Jama’s supposed death and association with ISIS, issued a warning to Australians who were contemplating joining the ranks of he group.

“I have a very simple message for those who might be thinking of going overseas to join these terrorist groups: Don’t,” he said. “They are death cults. … They are not about religion, they are just about death, and it’s just as likely to be your death as anyone else’s death.”

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