British ISIS supporter 32-year-old Husnain Rashid, who publically called for jihadis to attack Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 4-year-old son Prince George, pleaded guilty to terrorism offenses on Thursday.

In October 2017, Rashid posted a photo of Prince George’s school, Thomas’s Battersea School in London, with two masked jihadi fighters superimposed on the image. He captioned it with the school’s full address and said, “Even the royal family will not be left alone. School starts early.” Rashid was arrested the following month.

Rashid posted this photo on Telegram, a messaging app frequently used by ISIS supporters. He posted about 360,000 propaganda messages on it, which often suggested plans for attacks on British soccer stadiums, Jewish communities and army bases. Rashid’s channel was titled the “Lone Mujahid,” where he provided instructions on how to create bombs and poison. He also produced a magazine under the same name, using it to propose attacks on the World Cup in Russia this year. It was discovered that he even encouraged his followers to inject cyanide into grocery store produce and to poison ice cream.

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Annabel Darlow, the prosecutor on the case, said Rashid essentially tried to build an “e-tool kit for terrorism.”

Initially, Rashid pleaded not guilty to seven counts, which included encouraging terrorism, preparation of terrorist attacks and dissemination of a terrorist publication. Two weeks into his trial at Woolwich Crown Court in London, Rashid admitted to the terror offenses against him.

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“You have admitted these allegations of encouraging others to commit terrorist activities and publishing statements to encourage the killing of others,” Judge Andrew Lees told Rashid. “It is inevitable that you will receive a very lengthy prison sentence and there will be a consideration of a life prison sentence.”

Rashid will be sentenced on June 28.

As for Prince George, the Palace said he will continue attending the same school, for they understand the address is on public record.

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