Shaquille O’Neal and Jimmy Fallon faced off in a Lip Sync battle on Monday night’s Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show hosted by Fallon began a special week of shows live from Orlando, Florida, with NBA star O’Neal partaking in one of the show’s favorite segments.

Shaquille O’Neal & Jimmy Fallon’s Lip-Sync Battle

The late-night host kicked things off by saying, “Since we both have Irish last names, my first song is a classic by House of Pain. It’s called ‘Jump Around.'” Fallon then vivaciously hops around to the 1992 hip hop song, to the joy and cheers from his crowd.

Next up is O’Neal with the 1988 classic, “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown. “It’s time for some new jack swing, are you ready?” the former LA Lakers player asked an enthusiastic crowd. He pulls an audience member up to dance with him, before rapper Pitbull jumps on stage to join him in the lip-syncing. This surprise appearance shocks Fallon, and he feigns outrage at the rapper’s cameo.

“That’s not fair right there,” a perplexed Fallon says after the duo finish the song. “I’m going to up my game.”

The host then does a quick costume change before his next song, “Beauty and the Beast.” The song is a duet featuring Ariana Grande and John Legend, in their pop single for the new film, Beauty and the Beast. Though it’s a duet, Fallon manages to play both parts simultaneously, with a costume change that transforms into Beauty on his left side, and Beast on his right. The duo-costume is replete with half of a long-haired wig, and half of a short man-wig.

The battle ended with a duet between the basketball legend and the late-night host performing Elton John‘s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Their chemistry is superb, with O’Neil loosening up Fallon by giving him a quick shoulder rub before the performance. Before O’Neil “belts” out his lyrics, he even playfully slaps the host on the tush. The duo end their memorable performance to loud applause and cheers from the crowd.

At the end, Fallon announces, “I gotta give this one to Shaq! Shaq, that was a first.”

Judging by the crowd and the host’s large smiles, the basketball star wasn’t the only one who felt like a winner after the performance. Check out the hilarious battle below.

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